Get easy to cook food kits out of delicious farm fresh ingredients to your doorstep

We deliver every Thursday in whole Helsinki

Ilmainen toimitus yli 20€ tilauksille

Helpota elämääsi huippuraaka-aineista kootuilla ruokapaketeilla. Kaikki valmiiksi mietittynä ja kotiin tuotuina.

Muoviton pakkaus

Kaikki lasipurkkimme ovat kierrätettäviä ja voit palauttaa ne halutessasi meille (jos haluat, sillä ne on tosi nättejä...)! Aika fiksua, vai mitä?

Vastuullinen valinta


Tuotteemme tulevat pientuottajilta, huippuleipomoista ja muilta toimijoilta, jotka jakavat arvomme hyvästä ja vastuullisesta ruuasta.

Select from our hand-picked categories

Select from our hand-picked categories


Vegetables & fruits

Freshly collected veggies from small producers


Artisan bread

Artisan breads in tons of variety and flavor


Cheese & eggs

Fresh cheese and eggs from organic dairy


Daily catch fish

Fishes are sourced locally and directly from fishermen


Organic meat

Fresh organic meat collected from small producers


Christmas table

Ramp up your Christmas table!

Current delivery region

Southern Helsinki

Next weekly delivery

12.12.2019, Thursday

between 18:00 - 21:00

Last time of booking​​

11.12.2019, Wednesday, 18:00

Why us?

"We believe that fresh food just tastes better, so we seek top-quality producers who are passionate about quality. We are curating ingredients from producers who emphasize sustainable practices."

Made by Artisans

From classic Finnish buns to flaky croissants, creative pastries and sourdough bread.  We make everything from scratch, combining creative, modern and artisanal handcraft with high-quality ingredients.

Patisserie Teemu Aura

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